Our Objective

Help service industry businesses maintain and develop consumer relevancy through the integration of modern hardware and software principals and capabilities.

Meet Our Team

Blake Bahlman

A third-generation independent dry cleaner, Blake provides owner and operator experience insight into the industry. When combined with his MBA and MSIS degrees from Baylor University with a focus on entrepreneurship and Venture Capitalism, and his experiences with Data and Analytics at ExxonMobil, Blake intimately understands the existing pain-points within the industry and recognizes both the opportunities and solutions to remedy them.

Dale Pedzinski

The equivalent of Extract’s CTO, Dale is currently pursuing an EMBA, and holds an MSE, from University of Texas at Austin. Professionally, Dale has worked across a variety of industry and business challenges as with companies such as Amazon, Booz Allen Hamilton and Bain & Company.

Clay Porter

With over 30 years’ experience of sales and support in the DCL industry, including one of the first industry PoS developed by his father, Clay brings an unprecedented level of operational experience to Extract. Clay’s experience not only helps define the capabilities and benefits offered by Extract, but also provides an expansive network of O&O's with a positive relationship to leverage.

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